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Assisi-Aftermath and Controversy

I just received Robert Sungenis' 4 Cd collection Assisi; Interfaith Prayer Meetings. I have only listened to 2 1/2 CDs, but so far, good defense of Tradition and against the strange and unheard of flirtation with syncreticsm.

James Likoudis' response and Sungenis' rebuttal are particularly interesting. In the early 1980's, my parents helped to found a CUF chapter after heresy split in 2 our parish. Likoudis was a guest in our home and stayed with use. We talked, supped and shared stories. My parents to this day still have fond memories and well wishes of Likoudis. Blogspot is for some reason not allowing for colors and pictures at present, will add if possible in future.

He makes some odd comments that I like to comment and and some thoughts.

1. Loyal Catholics must never rebuke the Pope

CR- If we are never to rebuke the Pope, how is he to remain on the narrow path (1) to life, as he is human and subject to sin-especially with the pressure he is under and the Devil kicking hard against him(2).

As Father Corapi stated, in his talk Form Your Conscience, Vote Your Conscience(3) "if the sin is privte, confess it in private, if the sin is public, it must be dealt with publicly".

Praying alongside pagans, allowing them to practice their false religions and their false Gods, as Paul warns us, are really demons (4). Stayed tuned, again, as I am unable right now to download pictures. The pagans affored food, incense and animal sacrifices on Assisi's holy ground and even on Church property. Possibly, even inside churches.

As pastor of the Universal Church, the Pope is responsible to safeguard and protect Holy ground, not invite sacriledge into the Churches. Many argue that he did not tell them to do what they did. This is a naive and obfuscating tactic. If you ainvite someone into your home to pray, they will pray as they know and how they know. A Buddhaist is not going to break into a Rosary.

If the Pope were caught, in public, committing some other sin, say theft, are we then to pretend that it did not happen and write polemics against those that shine a light and call for penance?

I have seen anti-Catholic websites that have plastered the pictures from Assisi and other events, showing the Pope receiving a "blessing" from witch doctors and Aztec "priestesses". Their caption? Ah-ha, Jack Chick was right!. JP2 is a anti-Christ trying to bring about world religion. He is Mystery Babylon.

Now, do we publicly stand up or tuck our tails, not wanting to rock the boat? OF the 9 eays to sin, one if flattery, one is silence and the others:

By counsel
By command
By consent
By provocation
By concealment
By partaking
By defense of the ill done (5)

Again, if the sin is public, it must be dealt with in public, especially as souls are at stake, not only of indifference but falling into Protestantism.

The arguement that the Pope is beyond reproach in personal conduct and scandalous activity flies in the face of Paul, who upbraided Peter (who was Pope at this time) (6).

After Peter was named the Rock of the Church, Jesus upbraided Peter in front of the others.

2.Rebuke, if any, should be in Private

Again, the action was public and worldwide. It needs to be taken care of that way, least we participate in the sin and let others think wrongly of us. Hiding in private or in the dark is a sign of guilt or that of sinners (7).

3.Preserving the Image of the Pope is Better than the Truth

As noted above, his image with Protestants, the most likely to win over to the True Church, took it on the chin as Eveangelicals, Fundamentalists and others see the debacle in Assisi and other areas. They question and attack us for this, we would be more respected standing up for the truth and calling the Pope to repentance or even, stopping these events from ever happening. Speak the truth(8).

4. The world is against the Church, we must not infight

As noted above, we have far less credibility now, what with the priest abuse scandal and the images that have come out of Assisi. I first learned about it from a Catholic-Church-is-mystery-Babylon site. imagine what would happen if I were a lukewarm Catholic, not supernaturally protected by the Holy Spirit in Baptism/Confirmation. Imagine if I were a typical Joe Six Pack, what would I beleive then? I have talked to enough people to know what they are saying. Pre-V2, we had mass conversions, now mass attacks. But trying to hide sin, we have exploded it on ourselves.

We are not to pray with non-believers, esp if they invoke false gods and practicing meaningless or even satanic practices. The Pope spreading out cucumber peels to the snake god is a prime example. Hearing him state that others are seeking God in their own way, WITHOUT Christ is in contrast to Blessed Pope Pius IX (9):

11. The Church not only ought never to pass judgment on philosophy, but ought to tolerate the errors of philosophy, leaving it to correct itself.
15. Every man is free to embrace and profess that religion which, guided by the light of reason, he shall consider true.
16. Man may, in the observance of any religion whatever, find the way of eternal salvation, and arrive at eternal salvation.
17. Good hope at least is to be entertained of the eternal salvation of all those who are not at all in the true Church of Christ.
21. The Church has not the power of defining dogmatically that the religion of the Catholic Church is the only true religion.
77. In the present day it is no longer expedient that the Catholic religion should be held as the only religion of the State, to the exclusion of all other forms of worship.

After teh meetings, I have yet to hear of mass conversions to Christ, a re-uniting of schismatics and heretics. They went home and continued to practice outside the Church, feeling even more empowered that the Pope, the Rock ,the new Eliakim, gave them his blessing in his actions, his lack of Gospel preaching and his full cooperation.

Let us continue to pray for the late Holy Father JP2. let us not continue to cover and lie for him. He, like all men, can sin and fall short. His pontificate is forever marred by the scandals, the lax discipline and Assisi. I have many fond nad happy memories of JP2, the title "great" is not one of them. Likoudis and others need to stop the Papal Idolotry, putting JP2 and others on a pedastal all white and clean (10)

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