Friday, August 24, 2007

Apologies to my Critics

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Hopefully, this will post as I have not generally been able to post on here in awhile!

As some of you reading my blog know, the other day I came across a 5/9/7 article on me by Jacob Michael and/or his friends.

It was unflattering to say the least. I quickly dashed off a response. I did not see the article when it cam out, I only saw it on 8/22/07, the day of my response.
After responding, later I had second thoughts. We have all wasted a lot of valuable time and energy and resources fighting with each other. What brought this home to me, I guess, included the fact that recently, I lost a friend. I had not spoken to him in several years, but we had maintained communication-albeit through other friends-with each other.

There is no real good reason why we lost contact, it does happen as we age (I turned 36 in May). Last Thursday, he OD on prescription pills and died the day before me rebuttal.
Time is far too short to waste with vindictive, bitter arguments. They waste a lot of time, resources, energy. Also, even though they may not rise to the level of sin, they can still damage others and also us spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

So, to the point of this note:
I have emailed Mr. Jacob Michael and offered my hand in apology and asked him to do likewise. The other day, I asked him to remove the 5/9/07 article on me and told him that I would do likewise with articles on him and his friends.

As he is still hurt and angry, I have chosen to take the first step-one not easy as a man, my pride tends to get in the way, that need of men to fight and argue at times.
I have now purged from this blog (I cannot access other ones I have had in the past, but will still try to do so) any articles on:
-Jacob Michael
-Michael Forrest
-Ben Douglass
-David Palm

and anyone else that has been opposed to me, Dr. Sungenis, CAI or anyone associated with us.
I offer apologies to anyone hurt in this long running dispute. I, after my counter-article of 8/22/07, offered my hand "in Christian Charity" to Mr. Michael and associates. I meant it.
Again, after combing through 9+ months of this blog, I have removed any and all articles on them. I again call on them to do the same. Catholics are called on to forgive, I officially, here ad now, forgive anyone that has hurt me and I ask forgiveness for those I may have hurt. There can be legitimate dispute and discourse, but sadly, this long fight has gone way beyond this and has reached lows that none of us should be associated with.

In the future, we all need to avoid personal attacks-they are the work of the Deceiver-and focus strictly on academic or philosophical differences.


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